Psychic Protection

Aura Cleansing & RepairWhen was the last time you gave a thought to your Aura. We feed and water our bodies, wash and exercise them, clean our teeth, cut our hair and nails, and yet the most important aspect of our body, its Aura, is almost completely ignored. Unfortunately the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is most definitely true. On the other hand, the perception that “it will take care of itself” is most definitely NOT true.

Just as our bodies pick up dirt and pollution from everyday living, our Auras do the same. If they are not attended to, then any negative energy picked up by close contact with other people will eventually begin to have an effect on us.

Healers who work with energy such as massage, reiki, reflexology, etc., even hairdressers and beauty therapists, indeed anyone who works in a close one to one situation is vulnerable to picking up negative psychic energy.

Psychic protection is rarely if ever taught to anyone in the healing professions, and one to one energy exchanges between any two people are rarely understood. A build up of negative psychic energy in the Aura could be potentially disastrous to a healer if left unchecked, as problems with the Aura and Chakra system will eventually show itself within the body as some form of illness.

Chakra BalancingFeelings of tiredness after a long day could be normal, but collapsing on the settee with no energy to do anything isn’t, this is a symptom of psychic attack. With no protection, your energy has been sapped away throughout the day, as well as picking up negative energy, and before long feelings of stress and anxiety follow. A visit to the doctors would possibly result in tranquilizers or sleeping tablets, which will affect the balance of the Auric system even more, as psychic attack is not found on a doctors list of possible causes for illness.

Daily protection and clearance techniques, along with an energy spring clean 2 or 3 times a year is recommended for anyone who works in a close contact environment with people, especially so if those people are coming to you with some “problem” of any description.