Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Art

Shamanic healing is a form of energy healing which can restore balance to the body’s energy system. Our lives are full of experiences that contribute to the way we feel about ourselves, and the quality of that self-esteem can have a great effect on the way we live our lives. Accidents, illness, bereavements, relationship break-ups, etc. can all take their toll, leaving us drained of energy, out of balance, and even feeling like a part of us is missing somewhere.
These things can impact on us in various ways, as we all have different strengths and weaknesses. Usually we feel these imbalances in one or all of three ways. As an emotional excess, such as anger or fear, a mental condition such as anxiety, stress or panic attacks, or as a physical illness.

Unfortunately, we are not all taught as children how to cope with life when it becomes difficult. Learning how to pass exams so we can “get on” doesn’t cut it when someone close to us dies, or if we lose our marriage, or job, or house, and if we fail those exams in the first place, we are already made to feel “a failure” by the system before we even begin our adult lives. We then “cope”, sometimes not very well, and unprepared, with difficult losses in our lives.

David has at his disposal various techniques which can be applied to help the healing process, these include:

  • SHAMANIC JOURNEYING - David uses a drumbeat and journeys to the spirit world with his Guides and Power animals to access relevant information which will aid the healing process.
  • PSYCHIC CORD REMOVAL - These are psychic bonds which are formed between people in any kind of relationship. The deeper the relationship, the stronger the tie. This often accounts for the reason why people find it so difficult to break free after a failed relationship.
  • CRYSTAL and SOUND HEALING - The healing power of crystals are used to provide energy to certain parts of the body, giving a gentle yet powerful boost to the clients energy system. David also uses music and/or the Shamanic drum to assist in the balancing and cleansing process.
  • SOUL RETRIEVAL - The soul’s energy can be lost through trauma or shocks which affect the energy system, and retrieval re-unites the missing piece(s) to the body, empowering and making whole (holistic).
  • SMUDGE CEREMONY - David uses the cleansing power of herbs and incense to clear living and working areas of stale, negative energy. This revitalizes any space giving a safe, clear environment to aid any healing process.