Shamanic Teaching

Basic shamanic practices are taught which are designed to re-awaken the connection between people and the realms of spirit, both visible and invisible.

An initial meeting is arranged to decide if teaching is appropriate to all concerned. If the outcome is suitable, then the individual(s) will be asked to commit to a minimum of four sessions.Shamanic Art

General overview of practices covered:

  • Creating sacred space
  • Personal protection techniques
  • The shamanic worlds - lower, middle and upper
  • The axis mundi or world tree
  • Journeying techniques and codes of conduct
  • Meeting power animals, guides and allies
  • The four elementals - earth,air, fire and water
  • Divination methods for healing
  • Soul and power retrieval
  • Land healing and clearance work

One day workshops are available - Details on request.

The aim of this training is to discover the sacredness of life within our own uniqueness.

“In shamanism, you don’t need a minister, priest, rabbi or guru telling you what to do. Shamanism is the best method of experiencing spirituality away from dogma, social hierarchy or binding religious structure. The advantage of shamanism over so-called higher religions is that one has a direct personal connection with spirit, you don’t need an intermediary.” Dr. Leslie Gray, Executive Director and founder of the Woodfish Institute.