Spirit of Place

Just as we develop deep loving relationships with people we love and care for, Spirit of Placewe can also feel the same way about our homes, our cars, places we visit in nature and some famous buildings. In the shamanic universe “everything that is, is alive”. Everything has energy, and therefore has a spirit, and it is this spirit we connect with.

When looking for a new home for instance, we can look at some houses that seem alright from the outside, but don’t connect with us when we go inside. Then we can visit one which can make us feel “at home” as soon as we walk in. It is possible that on a deep subtle level, the spirit of place can have as much to do with choosing us as we have in choosing it.

Imbalances to spirit of place can be caused by any one of three main reasons. Emotional disturbances, ghost/entity presence (which can lead to spirit attachment to the current occupants), and geopathic stress. Where any of these occur, help is needed to restore balance to the spirit of our homes and to our lives.