Blessings of Home, Workplace & Land

Rainbow Panorama

 Even though your home or workplace may be clear of any of the disturbances mentioned on this site, it would still benefit greatly from a blessing ceremony. This is the equivalent of an energy spring clean for your living or working environment, which can become dull or stagnant over a period of time. This can have the effect of making you feel tired and negative.

A blessing ceremony can make any space feel vibrant and uplifting, bringing with it balance and peace to the environment that can allow health to improve, relationships to deepen and prosperity to grow. It also creates the ideal atmosphere to accompany any new beginning, for example, the arrival of a new baby, a marriage ceremony or any new business venture.

Land can also benefit from a blessing ceremony before construction is started upon it. This ensures that the spirits of the earth are made aware of the plans for the land and can give their blessing to the new venture.