Emotional Disturbances

Our personalities are a combination of past experiences and genetic make-up, and places are no different. They can inspire us, protect us, heal us and laugh or mourn with us. They can also feel angry, depressed, abused or heart-broken, just as we can.

Emotional Disturbances

This would explain why some places feel good to be in, light, airy and alive, while other places make us feel uneasy, on edge, and we can’t wait to get out without really knowing why.

Intense emotions from events such as divorce, long-term illness, abuse, depression and suicide can all leave their energy imprints on the spirit of place. Over a period of time these negative energies build up, and alter the way spirit of place interacts with its occupants. Just as we can repeat certain patterns in our lives, the same can happen in some houses. For instance, past feelings of fear, anger and frustration caused by a long-term illness and death will interact on some level with the present occupants, possibly leading to unrest and a general feeling of unwellness.

Moving into any premises, either home or business without first clearing the energy from past occupiers would be like wearing their old clothes. You are living within their emotional leftovers, and as such are being influenced on some level by their imprints.

The relationship between the spirit of a place and its occupants is one which is often overlooked when problems occur, but is more often than not an integral part of any healing process.