Spirit Release

Spirit Release is the removing of any entity from a person, animal, object or place where it doesn’t belong. Spirit entities can go relatively un-noticed unless they become troublesome, upsetting the status quo of their environment, which is usually when thoughts turn to getting them removed. Being in denial or ignorant of the spirit world is no defence against spirit attachment or hauntings, just as having no belief in entities makes any difference whatsoever to their behavior or reality. They exist whether we choose to think so or not, and having little or no knowledge of the spirit world, many people are wide open to intrusion by these non-physical beings.

Earthbound spirits seem to be the most prevalent entities involved in hauntings and attachments ( further information can be found on the Ghost/Entity Presence, and Spirit Attachment pages within this site ), and any subtle behavior change following the death of a relative or friend could be the sign they have moved into your space instead of moving on into the spirit world.

Brief Case Study
Peter had started smoking again ( after six years ) following the death of his father. He put this down to the stress of the loss plus his own grief, and yet giving up again seemed to be too much this time. He noticed one day that the brand he was smoking was the same as his father used to smoke, and were different to the ones he used to smoke six years previously. Peter also felt that some of his thoughts were not his own, and that he sensed his father around him a lot of the time. After an initial consultation, I discovered that his father had indeed attached himself to Peter, and was not aware he was causing his son any problems. I asked for a door to the spirit world to be opened, and Peter’s father was more than happy to move on. Peter stopped smoking the next day.

Terminated pregnancies and stillborn children can also be a cause of attachment, with the spirit of the child still present and causing the mother anxiety and depression years after the event.

Brief Case Study
Susan was suffering from depression which seemed to be linked to her mother. On investigating this case, a psychic cord was found to go back through five generations on the female side of the family. Susan’s distant relative had become pregnant and had terminated it herself, but her subsequent illness and depression had been passed down to her daughter through the cord and so on down to susan, who was also carrying the psychic imprint of the original pregnancy. The cutting of the cord and removal of the imprint later enabled Susan to deal with her depression successfully.

Dark Force Entities, DFE’s are also responsible for hauntings and attachments, but where these are involved, the energy they have is greater than earthbound spirits. They are non-human entities with inteligence and an agenda to cause as much chaos and disruption and illness as possible, dependant on their strength.

Brief Case Study
Pat moved into a house which seemed alright at first, but problems soon started to appear. A door would bang downstairs at night for no reason, and her dog would growl with “nothing there”. She was also convinced she saw a pair of red eyes looking at her through the window one night. A DFE was found to be responsible, and the heavy mob was draughted in from the spirit world to help remove it.

David works with his spirit lightworkers, removing any entities present, and also cleansing and re-balancing the energies of the client and/or environment. This work can either be done on site, or occasionally remotely dependant on circumstances, and safety for the client is paramount when deciding the best way to resolve the problem.

A brief questionaire is used to give details of the problem and also a few relevant personal details, followed by a meeting if possible to determine whether both parties are agreed to work being done. Client confidentiality is of foremost importance in this work, and is adhered to at all times.